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Finaedge Business Solutions honours the legendary Field Marshal Sam Hormusji Framji Jamshedji Manekshaw, aka Sam Bahadur, on his 111th birthday with ‘SAM-Sher‘ initiative. We offer free Tax, Company Registration, and many more services to active-duty and retired servicemen. Join us in commemorating this iconic figure by availing of our services tailored to support our brave military personnel. Empower veterans and servicemen with SAM-Sher today!

SAM-Sher: Remembering Sam Manekshaw

Sam Hormusji Framji Jamshedji Manekshaw, a legendary figure in Indian military history, epitomizes valor, leadership, and strategic brilliance. Serving as the Chief of the Army Staff during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, Manekshaw's tactical acumen and charisma steered India to a decisive victory, leading to the creation of Bangladesh. His military prowess and charismatic leadership earned him the moniker "Sam Bahadur." Beyond his military achievements, Manekshaw's integrity and forthrightness set him apart. His famous quote, "I won't be there for the next war because I don't believe in it," reflects his wisdom and commitment to peace. His legacy continues to inspire generations of soldiers and leaders, embodying the epitome of courage and honor. Sam Manekshaw's indelible mark on Indian history remains a testament to his unparalleled leadership and dedication to the nation.

About "SAM-Sher" a Finaedge Initiative

Introducing Finaedge Business Solutions' Noble Initiative for Indian Armed Forces Personnel! We're proud to extend our support to those who've served our nation. Under this unique program, any individual associated with the Indian Armed Forces, whether current or former, availing our services will benefit in two remarkable ways:
  • Fee Exemption: Professional fees for our services will be waived for all eligible individuals.
  • Contribution to Benevolent Fund: In addition to fee exemption, Finaedge Business Solutions pledges to donate an amount equivalent to the waived fees to the Indian Government’s Benevolent Fund.

This initiative stands as a testament to our gratitude towards the brave souls safeguarding our nation. At Finaedge Business Solutions, we believe in giving back to those who’ve given their all. Join us in honoring our armed forces personnel while availing top-notch professional services. Together, let’s make a difference and show our support for the guardians of our freedom.

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SAM-Sher Mission

To honor the legacy of Sam Manekshaw, Finaedge Business Solutions is dedicated to providing free tax consultancy and company registration services to working and retired armed forces personnel through our SAM-Sher initiative. Our mission is to support and empower servicemen by easing their financial burdens and facilitating their entrepreneurial endeavors.

SAM-Sher Vision

Our vision for SAM-Sher is to become the beacon of gratitude and support for military personnel, ensuring they receive the necessary financial assistance and guidance to thrive in their post-service endeavors. Through our initiative, we aim to uphold the spirit of service exemplified by Sam Manekshaw, fostering a community where veterans and servicemen can achieve their business aspirations with ease and confidence.

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